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NASCO’s Action in the face of Climate Change

Climate change is changing the marine and freshwater ecosystems at an unprecedented rate, with impacts on Atlantic salmon expected at both a regional and ocean-wide scale. As part of the process to develop a NASCO ‘Strategic Approach’ to tackle the impacts of climate change on Atlantic salmon, a TBSS was held during the 2023 Annual Meeting on the theme of climate change.

Photo: Tim Sheehan, NOAA Fisheries Service

The goal of the TBSS was to exchange information on the current and future impacts of climate change on salmon in the North Atlantic, on the management measures being implemented and to identify best practices. Invited experts and representatives of NASCO’s Parties gave presentations and took part in discussions which are included in the TBSS Steering Committee’s report which is available here.

Photo: Kai Benson Photography

The report also includes the Steering Committee’s nine recommendations to NASCO and its Parties and jurisdictions on strategic actions that could support the effective implementation of climate adaptive fisheries management for Atlantic Salmon. These recommendations have been discussed during the WGFON process and will be considered as part of the WGFON discussions at the 2024 Annual Meeting.

Photo: Kai Benson Photography